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Balance For You

Bringing balance back into your life

Remedial Massage, Natural Therapies & Workshops



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Your biggest asset in life is your body and health! Regardless of whether it's your physical, mental or emotional health, all play a huge role in having a healthy body. 

Balance For You is here to help YOU achieve optimum health and well-being by providing professional services that will help you achieve having a healthy body for life.

All my treatments focus on bringing balance back into your life on all levels: physically, emotionally and mentally in order to improve your health and well- being and enable you to reach your fullest potential and be happy every day!

Feel good - Feel better!

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Do you want to...

  • Feel better?
  • Be pain-free and have better movement?
  • Improve your quality of life?
  • Improve your performance and achieve your goals?
  • Be inspired and lead a happier, more positive life?
  • Find quality training that is flexible and affordable?

Then you've come to the right place!

Take a look at my services and workshops, or get in touch with any questions about what option would be best for you.


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Need some balance?

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Important information about Covid-19 

We are open again! Increased restrictions are in force, please read the guidelines below:

Please note: If you had the Covid Vaccine please wait 14 days before getting a treatment as due to possible side effects especially Blood clots please also advise me if you had the vaccine within 14 days of your visit. 

Before you attend an appointment with me, please consider the following questions that are a guideline from DHHS:

Have you recently had or do you have:

  • A cough, sore throat, fever or runny nose
  • Shortness of breath
  • Chills or unexplained muscle pain or body aches
  • Diarrhea
  • Contact with someone that has been unwell or diagnosed with COVID19

If you answered yes to any of the above please don't attend my clinic or contact me prior to discuss your appointment.

If you have any concerns about your upcoming appointment please text me on 0410 009 645.

Stay safe and stay calm!

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