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Balance For You

Transformational Bodywork

Reiki Crystal Healing Courses

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Crystal Chakra Balancing


Learn how to use selected Crystal to balance Chakras. 

Learn about different Crystal Shapes and how to include them into your healing session.

Unicorn Energy Healing


The Unicorns Energy Healing is infused with the purity, love, gentleness and innocence of the Unicorns. 

You will learn how the Unicorns are helping us today and how their high vibration releases negative energy, toxins, emotions and karma.You will be attuned to this Energy to use for yourself or for others.

No prerequisites required, but knowledge of other healing modalities like Reiki are helpful.

Violet Flame Reiki


Violet Flame Reiki has been channeled by Ivy Moore. The Violet Flame has been used in Atlantis and has now been released for us to use it to transmute negative energies and emotions, release karma and heal everyday situations and feelings.

Includes Certificate, Manual, Attunements, 40 Symbols and Meditation.

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 2

Reiki Workshops

Learn the USUI method of natural healing. Reiki is a wonderful transformational energy that allows us to harmonize our body and heal ourselves.

Great for better health, improved immune function, personal growth, inner peace, clarity of mind, better sleep, enhanced energy level, pain relief, reduces stress etc.

Reiki Level 1 Online


Comes with Manual, Distance Atunement, Certificate

Reiki Level I


Learn how to channel this healing energy and how to use its benefits for yourself

and others, including animals and plants.

Includes Reiki History, Benefits and its many uses.

Reiki Level II 


Learn the sacred symbols and enhance your healing energy.

Learn how to give a healing over a distance or cleanse a room from negative energy.

Reiki Master & Teacher Level

 $595 separately or $895 together

Complete your spiritual journey. 

Become a Reiki Master and Teacher for others. 

10 sessions of learning how to teach others, perform attunements and hold Reiki circles.