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Balance For You

Transformational Bodywork

Online Courses and Attunements​

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Online courses available are: Dowsing, Ear Candling, Reiki Level I, Tibetan Reiki, Violet Flame Reiki, Stepping into your Power, Crystalline Body Activation, Kuthumi Crystalline Light Activation, Alchemy Reiki, Guidance Reiki,  Unicorn Energy Healing, Akashic Records, Shaman Light Reiki, Magickal Shaman Lightworker, Inner Freedom course, Acupressure for Self help, Higher Self Journey, Dragons of Light & Empowerment, Love Flush, Bhakti Flush, Key to Abundance, Prosperity Now, Magick Better Business Reiki, Remove Challenging Obstacles

Please contact me for more info and how to pay and register for the course you want to take. Most Courses can be passed on to others this means your investment can and will be returned to you if you choose to do so. Some courses have prerequisite like holding a Reiki Master Level. 

Once Payment is received I will email the Manual and Atunement Info within 24-48hrs, Please follow the Atunement Instructions to receive Energy Transmission and the Certificate.

Payment through PayPal preferred.

Master Dowsing Course 


Learn how to dowse with Pendulums, Dowsing Rods & Wands and your Body. Includes advanced Dowsing techniques and Questions.

Learn how to dowse for answers, what colours, fruit, supplements are beneficial for you, the bio-energy levels of food and water for healthier living, find lost or missing items deepen your intuition as you connect to your higher self and universe

you will learn a set dowsing protocol to increase your dowsing accuracy and make sure the answers are in the best interest for yourself or person involved

You will receive Video and PDF files

Ear Candling Certificate Course 

from $145

Learn this natural healing method of safely removing excessive Ear Wax to remove blockages in the Ear, support the immune system, stimulate lymphatic drainage, increase mental clarity and cleanse and restore energetic harmony.

Ear Candling can help with Sinus issues, Headaches, Tinnitus, Vertigo, TMJ issues and snoring and is great as a Detox support after a cold & flu, detoxing etc.

You will learn the traditional and Cone Ear Candling methods.

You will receive PDF and Video files as well as 1 coaching session.

please check under the Ear Candling Course for more info

Reiki Level 1 

$95 online

Learn the Usui Method of Natural Healing for yourself or others.

Great for better health, improved immune function, personal growth, inner peace, clarity of mind, better sleep, enhanced energy level, pain relief, reduces stress etc.

Includes Manual, Distance Atunement, Certificate and a Chat Session for Support, this course can't be passed on!

for face to face learning please contact me $195

Tibetan Reiki 


Tibetan Reiki is believed to predate the Usui Reiki. The energy is very gentle and warm. Comes with its own symbols.

Prerequisite Reiki Master 

Violet Flame Reiki 


Violet Flame Reiki has been channeled by Ivy Moore. The Violet Flame has been used in Atlantis and has now been released for us to use to transmute negative energies and emotions, release karma and heal everyday situations and feelings.

Includes Certificate, Manual, Attunements, 40 Symbols and Meditation.

Prerequisite: Reiki Master 

Crystalline Body Activation


The Crystalline Body Activation will activate and strengthen your crystalline body so you can have a higher awareness and consciousness and are able to ascend into 5D.

You will be able to hold more light and connect easier to the 12 chakra system especially the Earth Star Chakra and the soul Star Chakra.

Holding more light will help you to have more balance, harmony, clarity and purity and have more and hold  more energy.

Master Kuthumi Crystalline Light Activation


Master Kuthumi is an ascended Master that assists and guides Healers and Lightworkers on their path. His energy will connect and bring you closer to your spiritual gifts and pathway.

Especially Empaths can pick up negative energies from others. The Master Kuthumi Crystalline Light Activation will shield you from negative energies, strengthening your energy field and offering protection.

Includes Manual, Distance Atunement and Certificate, Price is set by Founder

Step into your Power Reiki - 


This Atunement will enable you to step into your power quickly.

Helping you to stand your ground and also feel confident and empowered. this energy is not to control others but to take your control back. 

You will be able to speak your truth and connect to your  true nature so you can create the life you want and desire.

Alchemy Reiki 


Alchemy is the study of scientific transformation. This Alchemy Reiki Atunement works on the spiritual level. We all have our ailments, negative emotions, and past life trauma that has lead us to past life blockages, illness and pessimism. 

The theory of Alchemy is very simple. Since all parts make a whole we can work to change the whole. It is not about releasing the negativity, but embracing our weaknesses. 

Alchemy Reiki teaches you how to turn negative energy into positive energy and therefore transforms the whole body for the highest good.

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1 or equivalent in energy work

Shaman Light Reiki


This Atunement helps you to increase and strengthen your skills and your healing ability as a Shaman. 

It will help you to and follow your Shaman path.

Prior Experience or attendance of Shamanic Courses would be helpful. 

Magickal Shaman Lightworker


This course covers has 3 levels:

Level 1 Initiate

Explains the basics of what it means to practice Shamanism. Manual Level 1 covers the introduction, spirit journey, looking within, discovering your path, knowing who you are, rights of passage, magical names, and more.

Level 2 Intermediate

Strengthens your connection to Mother Earth and to Spirit and offers a shield of protection as it helps you identify and clear negativity and covers attachments, soul retrieval, reclaiming your power, and more.

Level 3 Master

The Master Level allows you to pass the attunements onto others and continues strengthening your bond with Mother Earth. It also opens your third eye - 6th chakra and crown - 7th chakra, so that your psychic abilities are enhanced through connecting to your psychic self. This Level also covers meditation, healing herbs and stones, connecting to your psychic self visions, imprinting, enhancing intuition and instincts, etc., living in harmony, Nature, and more

Higher Self Journey


Do you want to be more connected to your Guides and Higher Self? The Higher Self Journey Activation Program has seven activations to aid you to connect with your Higher Self. 

The seven activations are:

1, Divine Protection Activation

2, Clearing Activation

3, Grounding Activation

4, Meditation Activation

5, Higher Guidance Activation 

6, Communication Activation

7, Heart  Activation.

Guidance Reiki


We all need some Guidance if we are stuck

Making the right decision is not easy if we feel unsure, question ourselves, it is in those times that we and need clarity in order to make the best decisions.

Guidance Reiki connects you to the source for divine guidance: your Higher Self, Guardian Angel, Guides, God/Goddess or Universal Source energy and allows messages, signs, impulses to come through for you.

Includes Manual, Distance Atunement and Certificate

Inner Freedom Course


Are you feeling stuck, unhappy, depressed or struggling to make positive changes in your life? 

Learn how to raise your spiritual awareness and identify limiting beliefs. Learn how to let go of the past and move into a happier more fulfilling life.

Three sessions of raising Awareness, Transformation of what is no longer needed and Intention setting for a more positive future!

Includes support via chat or messenger and a distance healing to assist you to connect to your true self

Acupressure for Self help


Learn how to use Acupressure points to improve your health, can be used for friends and family as well. 

Course covers: Immune system & Cough & Cold, releasing Stress, Headaches & Migraines, Neck, Shoulder & Arm issues, Sciatica & Lower Back Pain, Immune system, Menopause and Hormonal Imbalances, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Panic Attacks and a daily Wellbeing Routine

Includes PDF Manual and video support

Face to face is also available

Akashic Records


Learn how to read of the Akashic Records or Book of Life for yourself and others. 

Through clarity and knowledge comes the ability to understand and release negative patterns in one's life.

Unicorn Energy Healing


The Unicorns Energy Healing Attunement is infused with the purity, love, gentleness and innocence of the Unicorns. 

You will learn how the Unicorns are helping us today and how their high vibration releases negative energy, toxins, emotions and karma. You will be attuned to this Energy to use for yourself or for others.

No prerequisites required, but knowledge of other healing modalities like Reiki are helpful.

Dragons of Light and Empowerment Reiki 


Atunes you to the spirit of the Dragons. You will meet your own Dragon Guide who will assist you with its wisdom, love. 

Dragon Energy can be used to bring you healing and abundance.

Love Flush Empowerment


This system will help you release old patterns of hurts and traumas and ushe inn more love in your life. Be it self love, more love in relationships and unconditional love. 

Contains instructions for four different flushes that can be used together or separately or send to others as well.

  • Flush 1 releases old wounds & hurts that block the heart 
  • Flush 2 brings in the energy of divine love
  • Flush 3 works on romantic heart breaks and betrayals
  • Flush 4 helps heal relationships with anyone

Bahkti Flush Reiki 


This form of Reiki comes from the ancient Veda where it is said Bahkti is the highest kind of love. 

The love of devotion for God, self and others. This system brings blessings of love and protection from selfish love.

The 4 Holy Archangels Attunement


You will be attuned to the energy of Archangel Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. 

This Attunement helps with Angel Communication, Angel Healing, Angel Meditations, bringing more Light, Life Force and Love into one's life. 

Key to Abundance Reiki


This Attunement will connect you to the universal source energy of abundance helping heal, clear and release blockages and drawing more abundance into your life. 

You will receive a sense of relief, inner peace and have more joy in your life.

Prosperity Now Empowerment Reiki 


This attunement connects you to the powerful energy of prosperity and empowerment. 

It works with your Higher Self to create more prosperity in your life, drawing in more abundance for you to become financially independant. 

It is also the best system if you need money for a specific cause and if you need it fast. 

Remove challenging Obstacles Reiki 


This atunement will help remove, overcome or change obstacles or barriers in our life.

Magick Reiki Better Business


Can you use some help with growing your business? This attunement is for you!

It will connect you to the energy of a successful, prosperous business and to creative universal source energy. 

It aligns your personal energy with the energy of your business helping you to become more creative where your business needs it: marketing, good service and quality products enhancing your abilities and opportunities to improve your service and draw more clients.