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Balance For You

Transformational Bodywork

New Earth Healings

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New Earth Energy Healing

30 min: $60 | 45 min: $75 | 60 min: $90

raising your awareness and vibration to access your body's self healing ability, releasing any emotions, traumas held in the cells in order to create more ease and health in your life and body.

shift out of the old paradigm and enter a new earth consciousness


Transformational Energy Healing​

30 min: $60 | 45 min: $75 | 60 min: $90

Combining different Healing modalities like Reiki with crystals, sacred geometric tools or sound, this healing will transform your energy, thoughts and emotions that keep you stuck in old patterns and unable to truly change your life. It balances and transforms your energy from negative to positive vibration and releases blocked emotions from your heart-centre that keep you stuck and prevent you moving forward.

Past hurts, shock, and emotions can build up a wall around your heart and - even though you may have worked on yourself and try to stop negative thinking - anything can trigger these old wounds and your self-protection mechanism.

Depending on your specific needs, a session may also include other techniques like Guided Meditation, Chakra alancing, Akashic Records Healing, etc.

Set yourself free and live your highest potential!

In person or via Zoom/Chat or Distance healing and by appointment only

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Shamanic Soul and/or Animal Guide Retrieval

30 min: $60 | 45 min: $75 | 60 min: $90

Soul Retrieval is a shamanic healing Technique. Shamans believe that part of our soul can be lost due to trauma, physical, emotional or mental abuse, illness or any negative event that has impacted us. Loosing part of our soul is like a self protective mechanism from our subconscious as to protect us from the pain. Unfortunately if many pieces of our soul splinter off it can have a negative impact on our daily lives. It can cause anxiety and depression even personality disorders as the person feels like something is wrong or missing. These people tend to feel stuck in their lives  and empty inside. Returning the lost soul parts to them means they can move forward and  recover.

Animal Guide or Animal Spirit Retrieval is really about bringing back your Power Animal. Spirit Animals is a big thing in the culture of the American Indians. They believed if a person lost their Power Animal they would become sick, depressed, die or incur constant bad luck. For some people this healing can mean finding out what their Power Animal or Guide is. For others it will reconnect them to their Power Animal or Guide or sometimes they just connect to the Animal that will guide them through a certain phase of their life

Depending on your specific needs, a session may also include other techniques like Reiki, Crystals and Sound 

In person  or via Distance healing and by appointment only

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Akashic Records Healing

One distance session: $55

The Akashic Records are also called the book of life, and whilst some events can't be changed, vows or contracts from past lives can be cleared and healed. If you're experiencing misfortune, obstacles, unhappiness, etc, you may have a past life contract impacting on your life now.  Let me help you clear and heal these issues so you can lead the life you are meant to live.

Or maybe you just want some guidance of your souls pathway or soul gifts in this lifetime. I can help you connect and find your mission

Session via absent healing or zoom/messenger chat 

Distance Healing/Clearing

One distance session: $55

Blocked emotions can cause emotional and mental stresses and even affect your physical health. If you have unexplained pains or are stuck and can't get of certain patterns, you may have blocked emotions or need your chakras balanced. 

Some Topics that I will work on however it is very individual and depends on what you want to focus on and on what guidance comes through for you that needs to be worked on;

  1. Blocked emotions clearing/healing
  2. Meridian balancing
  3. Toxin/Heavy metal clearing
  4. Pain or Discomfort in the body
  5. Akashic Records
  6. Energy Balancing
  7. Chakra/aura clearing/balancing
  8. House cleansing

Each healing is session is different and I will work on what comes through as needing to be worked on for you atm. Unless the session is face to face via chat or zoom I will send you a videotaped session with details of your healing. 

Distance only, please use the online booking option to book in

Tips on how to raise your vibration: 

being surrounded by toxins and negative energy be it from the air, our environment, processed foods, low vibrational emotions what can you do to help your body detox and raise your vibration?

1, hydrate which good pure water and in most cases that is not tap water, I realize bottled water has issues as well but investing in a good water filter is almost a must

2, sweating/exercising this will help stimulate the lymphatic system and help eliminate waste from our cells

3, body scrubs monthly will also aid the lymphatic system as our skin is on e of the biggest eliminators of waste as well

4, Red light therapy this stimulates our immune system

5, sungazing or being exposed to natural sun light, not only lifts your mood its also important for our immune system

6, activated charcoal, zeolite clay or chlorella to flush out heavy metals

7, Ionic Foot Detox helps reduce positive ions which can harm our health and draws out toxins and waste of the body

8, turn off phone or other devices at night especially if using wifi, too much EMF can harm our health

9, ground yourself either by walking in nature, doing gardening, meditating or breathwork

10, sound healing to raise your vibration

11, use crystals or get a healingI'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, colour and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.