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Balance For You

Transformational Bodywork

Mini Workshops

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Aromatherapy Intro


Learn the foundations of Aromatherapy, how to blend oils and make your own room spray

Emotional Release & Chakra Balancing with Aroma Oils


Learn how Aroma Oil can help release negative emotions and balance chakras for improved health. 

Learn how to text yourself for what Aroma Oils are needed.

Inner Freedom Course


Are you feeling stuck, unhappy, depressed or struggling to make positive changes in your life?  Learn how to raise your spiritual awareness and identify limiting beliefs. Let go of the past and move into a happier more fulfilling life. 

Three Sessions of raising Awareness, Transformation of what is no longer needed and Intention setting for a  positive future. 

Price includes a Healing.

Acupressure for Self Help


Each session we go over a few points to use to ease Headaches, Stress, Anxiety, Digestive upsets and more

Tarot Introduction


Learn how to read tarot cards in three easy steps 

Master Dowsing Course Part 1: Learn how to use different Dowsing tools


You will learn to dowse with Pendulums, Dowsing Rods & Wands and your Body. Learn advanced Dowsing techniques and questions.

Learn how to dowse out yes or no answers, what colours, fruit, supplements are beneficial for you, the bio-energy levels of food and water for healthier living, find lost or missing items deepen your intuition as you connect to your higher self and universe

you will learn a set dowsing protocol to increase your dowsing accuracy and make sure the answers are in the best interest for yourself or person involved

This course is now available in an Online Study Version

Master Dowsing Course

Part 2: Geomancy Dowsing

$95 includes dowsing rods

Learn about the adverse health effects of Geopathic Stress (underground water veins, Hartman and Curry grid lines, EMF's etc)

Learn how to dowse for this geopathic stress lines

and different method of balancing or neutralizing the Geopathic Stress