Massage, Natural T​herapies & Workshops

bringing balance back into your life

Mini Workshops:

Aromatherapy Intro               $25

learn the foundations of Aroma therapy and how to blend oils, make your own room spray

Emotional Release & Chakra Balancing with Aroma oils $35

learn how Aroma Oil help release negative emotions and balance chakras for improved health. Learn how to text yourself for what Aroma Oils are needed.

Inner Freedom Course           $75

are you feeling stuck, unhappy, depressed or struggling to make positive changes in your life? Learn how to raise your spiritual awareness and identify limiting beliefs. Learn how to let go of the past and move into a happier more fulfilling life. 3 Sessions of raising Awareness, Transformation of what is nor longer needed and wanted and Intention setting for a more positive future.

Includes a Healing.

Acupressure for Self Help     $25 Session

each session we go over a few points to use to ease Headaches, Stress, Anxiety, Digestive upsets and more

Pendulum Dowsing              $45 Crystal Pendulum included

learn how to connect to higher guidance and get the answers you are seeking: missing items, health, food, colors etc. Module 1 of 3. Prerequisite for the Geomancy course

Geomancy Dowsing              $95 Dowsing Rods included

learn about grid lines, underground water veins, how they can affect our health and how to locate them. Earth healing and balancing.

Tarot Introduction                  $25

learn in 3 easy steps how to read the tarot cards