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Magnesium Spray

Introducing my Magnesium Spray with Ginger and Rose Geranium. We all know Magnesium is very important to relax muscles and soothe nerves. With my spray you can now apply Magnesium topically to any sore, cramping or tension areas you have.

magnesium spray
Magnesium Spray

Magnesium helps with Arthritis or Joint Pain, Cramping or Spasms, Headaches, Sleep issues, Restless legs, Muscle Aches, Stress and general well being. Ginger is anti inflammatory, warming, stimulating, high in antioxidants, reduces muscle and joint pain and is energizing, improves mood. Rose Geranium is anti-inflammatory, reduces muscle and joint pain, anti-fungal – 50g

Magnesium Sprays are $15 each + $8.50 postage and handling