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Balance For You

Transformational Bodywork

Gua Sha Course

coming soon

Gua Sha

Learn how to Gua Sha! Also known as scraping. Gua Sha is also part of TCM, it is an alternative health treatment that can be applied separately or as part of a massage treatment similar to Cupping.

Gua Sha is helpful to release muscle tension, it softens tissue and breaks up adhesions and even reduces scar tissue.

Gua Sha is generally used to reduce inflammation, coldness, tightness and pain from both the superficial and deeper levels of the body. 

Typically Gua sha is very effective for treating all forms of injury, as well as heat syndromes, dizziness, chills and aches.

You will learn different tools and how to apply them as well as how to use them for different areas of the body.

Prerequisite: Massage or Bodywork Experience or Anatomy & Physiology.