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HOW to stay SAFE and CALM in a crazy world, cont. Bach Flower Essences part 2

Posted on March 26, 2020 at 5:58 PM Comments comments (613)

In part one I wrote a little about how Bach Flowers work that their energetic vibration can balance our unbalanced emotional states like fear, anxiety, stress etc. which is important in this turbulent time. I also wrote about the Rescue Remedy which is comprised of 5 different Bach Flowers that help in stressful situations, shock etc.

This post will talk about a few more Bach Flowers that can be helpful in this time of unrest:

1, Rock Rose:
for PTSD, Fear, Bereavement, Loss or Grief, Night mares, Terror and Panic
you will be more confident and calm

2, Walnut:
for times of major changes in life, Fear of change, can't let go, feels vulnerable, drifting and easily influences by others (opinion)
aids as link breaker and helps to adjust to changes

3, Olive:
for physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, fatigued, chronic stress, illness and overwork
energizes, restores vitality

4, Vervain:
if high strung, nervous & muscular tension, constant thoughts
instills calm and relaxation of mind and body

Like mentioned before you can take up to 4 drops under the tongue directly or put a few drops into a glass of water and sip during the day or make up a treatment bottle and take 4 drops 4 times daily.

In the next post I will write about other Bach flowers that can help with fear so stay connected, share this post to help others and stay safe and calm!

and if you would like a Treatment Bottle I am still dispensing them as long it is possible. Cost is $15 plus postage
also connect to my facebook page to stay up to date to new posts:
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HOW to stay SAFE and CALM inn a crazy world, cont. Bach Flower Essences Part 1 - Rescue Remedy

Posted on March 25, 2020 at 2:51 AM Comments comments (0)

Phew only Wednesday and what a week it has been already its like bang bang something new everyday. It can be overwhelming and demoralizing, I know I feel like that at times so the Rescue Remedy is something you can take to help cope better with stress, anxiety and shock.

Bach Flowers were reintroduced as the ancient system of using herbs and flowers for healing by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1900's. and "heal thyself" was his Motto. Making an essence from part of a specific plant that holds a specific vibrational energy signature that if taken orally or applied to parts of the body like an Acu Point will balance certain unbalanced conditions or state or mind or rather emotions. There are many types of Flower Essence systems like the Australian Bush flowers.

Bach flowers can either be taken straight from the stock bottle or diluted and made into a treatment bottle, The dosage is usually 4 drops up to 4 times daily.
I can make up different treatment bottles to suit your individual needs, 1 bottle is $15, below are some examples:

Courage & Confidence builds self worth, self esteem and confidence
Energy & Vitality
Release & Let Go releases anxiety and fears
Grounding & Focus
Life Purpose & Destiny
Sleep Remedy
Self Care Remedy
Grief & Transition BlendI will write more about specific Bach flowers that will assist us in this current situation in my next post. Until then stay safe and calm!

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HOW TO stay SANE and CALM in a crazy world a grounding technique

Posted on March 21, 2020 at 6:59 PM Comments comments (0)
With up at dawn shoppers, increasingly empty supermarket shelf's, bombardment in the news and on TV about the pandemic even the calmest person can't help but feel at least a little unease at the moment. 

Perhaps you have been affected and locked out of work, or worrying about a family member travelling over seas or interstate or that is already sick or in a nursing home. Or worried about your own health and on how it will affect you if infected?

So how to stay calm? Especially when we know that stress especially ongoing one, can have a negative impact on your immune system. And our immune system needs to be supported at this time. So besides taking extra Vit C, Zinc, eating healthy, exercising and other stress relieving activities like yoga, meditation and massage how else can you reduce your stress levels?

Below are 3 exercises that will "ground or center" you in your heart energy. Being grounded means being positive, calm, and secure in yourself, body and mind. 

Being grounded also raises your energy, lifting you out the the low vibrations of fear and anxiety to a healthier and happier state of joy, love and happiness.

And if you want to hear more about how to support your immune system click the link and like my business page I will be doing more posts on the topic:

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HOW TO stay SANE and CALM in a crazy world with Aroma Oil Blends

Posted on March 21, 2020 at 6:57 PM Comments comments (0)
Aroma oils can lift our mood and provide some positivity during this frantic and scary time.

Aroma therapy dates back to 3500 bc and long before that approx. 10,000 bc our ancestors burned dried herbs and scented woods to drive out evil spirits. Juniper and Rosemary were burned in french hospitals to clear the air during cholera and typhus outbreaks.

Aroma oils also work psychologically connecting with the limbic center in our brain that is responsible for our emotions this is why smelling a certain oil can make us feel good and lift our mood.

Aroma oils can be used in an oil burner, diffuser or as a mist. If you want apply an oil directly to the skin it is advised to dilute it first as some are very strong and can cause skin to be irritated like Peppermint or Lemon Myrtle. I usually advise to put the oil on an Acu point like the inside of the wrist or on the sole of the feet
Here are some specific Aroma oils you can use:
Cinnamon: gives hope, energizes, good for depression
Lemon Myrtle: calming, uplifting, induces happiness
Juniper: clears negative energy, refreshes, stimulates
Lavender: calming, soothing, inner peace
Frankinscense: comforting, reduces stress and anxiety
Lemon: uplifitng, stimulating, supports immune system

Also be aware that some Aroma oils have contra indication especially if applied on the skin. for example: lavender can lower Blood Pressure, Juniper can excabate Kidney issues and Mandarin can be photo toxic. And if you are pregnant use only Citrus Fruit OIls as most others are not advisable.These are just a few Aroma oil you can use.
Below are a few Aroma Oil Blends that can be beneficial.

Blending different Aroma Oils together gives you the benefit to experience the different properties at once. There is something called a blending factor which I won't go into now only that Aroma oils are divided into 3 Notes:Top Notes evaporate quickly within 20 minutes, they are usually the first oil you can smell in a blend

Middle Notes have a moderate evaporation time, 20 to 60 minutes
Base Notes evaporate slowest this is the lingering scent in a blend 1-4 hrs
For Example: Mandarin is a Top note, Lavender a Middle Note and Sandalwood a Base Note.

So if you are blending Aroma oils together keep in mind to have a balanced mix and use at least one of each Notes.Also be aware that some Aroma oils have contra indication especially if applied on the skin. for example: lavender can lower Blood Pressure, Juniper can excabate Kidney issues and Mandarin can be photo toxic. And if you are pregnant use only Citrus Fruit OIls as most others are not advisable.Specific blends for use in a Diffuser, the number is the amount of drops to be used in about 2/3 of water in the diffuser:

Colds and Flu;
Blend 1: Thyme 4, Eucalyptus 3, Lavender 2
Blend 2: Tea tree 5, Thyme 2, Peppermint 2

Eucalyptus 3, Thyme 4, Sandalwood 2, Rosemary 2

Juniper 3, Clary Sage 3, Frankincense 3

Sage 2,Lavender 4, Juniper 2, Frankincense 2, LemonMyrtle 2

Rose Geranium 3, Frankincense 2, Ylang Ylang 2, Lemon 2

Rosewood 3, Neroli 2, Mandarin 2, Petitgrain 2

Jasmine 2, Grapefruit/Orange 3, Vetiver 2, Cedarwood 2

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How to stay SANE and CALM in a crazy world, Acupressure Points for the Immune System

Posted on March 21, 2020 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Today I am writing about some Acupressure points that can benefit the Immune system, you can choose which one suits best and hold it, usually the pressure is light unless I stated otherwise, hold for 1-3 minutes, you may feel a pulse in your finger or if you prefer you can just massage the point slowly.

Acupressure is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and just like Acupuncture works on different Meridians and to free up blocked energy bringing health and balance back into the body. AS acupressure is lighter it is advised to treat the points several times during the day.If you prefer you can use this link to my amazing teacher MIchael Gach that has put together a video on Immune boosting points:

Immune system/Cough/Breathing:
Lu1 Location: in the outside portion of the chest in the depression under the collarbone, just above the armpit
Benefits: Cough, difficulty breathing, Asthma, chest tension, Grief, Depression

K27 Location: just off the middle of chest in the small depression under the collar bones – hold both points
Benefits: detox, immunity, aids the respiratory system, chronic fatigue, nausea

CV17 Location: at the center of the sternum at the heart level
Benefits: Balances emotions, releases tension in the chest and lungs and aids breathing

LI11 Location: on the outside of the lower arm underneath the elbow joint, hold and flex arm you’ll feel the muscle contract
Benefits: fever, colds, flu, immune system, tonic point

CV6 Location: 2 fingers below the navel press in deep Benefits: general weakness, fatigue, dizziness, emotional stability

TW5 Location: On the outside of the arm about 2 fingers width from wrist crease between the bones
Benefits: influenza, cold, boosts immune system, tendonitis

LI4 Location: in the webbing between thumb and index finger push in slightly towards index finger
Benefits: pain relief, inflammation, flu like symptoms 

TW15 Location: middle of shoulder just on top of shoulder blade
Benefits: stiff necks, high fevers, cold and flu’s, increases immunity, improves circulation

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HOW to stay SANE and CALM in a crazy World, Acupressure for Stress Balancing

Posted on March 21, 2020 at 6:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Here are some Acupressure points that can help if you feel stressed, anxious or panicky. You can choose which one suits best and hold it, usually the pressure is light unless I stated otherwise, hold for 1-3 minutes, you may feel a pulse in your finger or if you prefer you can just massage the point slowly.

Acupressure is part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and just like Acupuncture works on different Meridians to free up blocked energy bringing health and balance back into the body. As acupressure is lighter it is advised to treat the points several times during the day

Stress Balancing:
Location: inside eye socket next to bridge of nose
Benefits: relieves mental stress, calming, sinus pain, headaches

Location: from centre of eyebrow midway to hairline
Benefits: emotional balance, hypertension, enhances memory, stops over activity of mind, addictions

Location: in the depression between lower border of collarbone and the first rib
Benefits: counteracts stress, helps meridians to run in their correct direction, chronic fatigue, nausea, indigestion, balances thyroid gland, detox, chest congestion

Location: center of chest, level of heart
Benefits: emotional balancing and healing, grief, depression, loneliness, anxiety, nervous tension

Location: 2-3 fingers width from inner wrist crease between the bones
Benefits: balances inner and outer self, calms, nausea, diarrhea, stomachache, motion sickness, morning sickness, emotional upsets, epilepsy

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Aroma Oils can release negative Emotions

Posted on September 2, 2018 at 8:02 PM Comments comments (0)
Aroma Therapy is widely known in many cultures around the world and Essential Oils are in so many commercial products today from Soaps, Lotions, Shower Gels, Skin care Products, Room Sprays, Mouth wash and a Massage with Aroma Oils is uplifting and energizing depending on what Oils you choose.

Aroma or Essential Oils are not herb but are organic liquids extracted from parts of a plant like leaves, roots, bark, flowers, fruit etc. Essential Oils are divided into 3 Notes: Top, Middle, Base as they are volatile and evaporate depending on their Note either within 20 minutes or up to a few hours. Essential Oils work on 3 levels simultaneously: 
Topically: some can balance dry or oily skin or act as an antiseptic or reduce inflammation 
Physically: once they have penetrated the skin and entered the bloodstream their are metabolized on a cellular level depending on their medicinal properties
Emotionally: as we inhale their scent it reaches our brain and affects our moods and emotions affecting us on a psychological level.

This effect on our emotions can be utilized to balance our mood and help us release negative Emotions. I use Aroma oils in my treatments to release negative Emotions that are blocking our Chakras (Energy Centres) causing discomfort and illness over time.
Orange and Clove for example help us become more positive so can be used if we are feeling down or depressed.
Rose Geranium and Bergamot help open the Heart Chakra and help us feel love again.
Melissa and Frankincense help with Grief and Sadness after a loss.
Lemon Myrtle and Cinnamon are uplifting

I teach an Aroma Therapy Introduction and a Emotional & Chakra Balancing Workshop. 

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How Massage can benefit your Brainwaves to help us relax more:

Posted on May 10, 2018 at 7:33 PM Comments comments (284)

We are all aware that our brain produces different brainwaves depending on if we are sleeping, meditating or on our state of mind.                  
The most known ones are Delta which is our sleep state, Theta if we are very relaxed and almost in a trance like state, and Beta which is supposed to kick in with our flight or fight instinct, here we are more alert and conscious but unfortunately this also brings about stress, anxiety, worry, anger and a weakened immune system which compromises our health. 
Due to our lifestyle of today, having to work, doing chores, taking care of family etc this is the state most of us are inn all the time except when sleeping. No wonder most of us are stressed and worn out.                             
Enter the Alpha state this is actually the "normal" state we are supposed to be in most of the time we are awake, here we are still conscious but more relaxed, our creativity and intuition are connected and flow effortlessly, we can memorize and learn better. We experience harmony between body and mind.

Alpha also produces:
  • deep relaxation of body and mind, we are calmer and have more clarity
  • achieve higher levels of creativity and more attuned to our intuition
  • improved problem solving ability, when we are in beta this shuts down and stress clutters up our thought processes
  • improved mood and stability of emotions, we are more balanced, stable and positive therefore coping better with stress and tough situations
  • better performance and getting in the zone, alpha is associated with peak performance and sports players that excel function more in the alpha state
  • super learning ability and genius state, enhanced memory ability to learn more and easier 
  • enhances our immune system therefore benefiting our over all health
  • increased levels of serotonin, low levels are associated with depression and other neurological disorders like panic attacks and anxiety, in alpha our  serotonin levels are increased making us feel happier and more stable mentally

But because our Brain is so used to function in the Beta state it often cannot produce Alpha waves, leaving us in Beta even if we do something relaxing. How often have you mediated or had a massage and just couldn't stop thinking? 

There are only a few ways to induce the Alpha state naturally: Meditation, Yoga, Green Tea (L-Theanine amino acid), Massage or Sauna's. All of these help us to relax and connect to our body.

And then there is the Tesla Practitioner Plate that when placed under a massage table will help us relax even faster thus assisting our brain to produce Alpha wave thus creating harmony between body and mind. 
From next week on I will have this Plate under my massage table and look forward to receiving your input. 

More info about the Golden Pathways to Harmony Products here:
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Having trouble sleeping? Try having a massage!

Posted on April 9, 2018 at 8:41 PM Comments comments (1)
Who hasn't been there: laying in bed feeling tired but can't fall asleep and end up tossing and turning all night. 

Did you know that a 1 hr Massage has the same effect on the body as 7 hours of sleep? If you ever had a massage you know that during a massage one can reach a deeper state of relaxation that effects not only your body but your mind as well. Read on below for more tips on improving your chances of catching some much needed Zzz's:

1, Reduce all EMF's in your bedroom, this means no TV or Computer, electric        clock or alarm and no Mobile Phone!
2, Establish a calming and relaxing bedtime routine before you go to bed, like:
    - have a cup of herbal tea or warm milk with some honey
    - read a book or magazine
    - take a bath
    - meditate or practice deep breathing for 5 - 10  minutes
    - use aroma oils in a diffuser: lavender, sandalwood and melissa are great                for promoting sleep
3, look into alternative Remedies like Bachflower Essences or Acupressure               points which are great for self help practice. I have a sleep remedy to             
     purchase and my Acupressure Self help course can teach you some helpful           Acu points to hold.
4, and of course having a regular massage can also help keeping the body & 
    mind more relaxed and catching up on some much needed rest

And lastly if insomnia becomes a regular thing consult your GP to rule out underlying physical issues.
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My Experience with Violet Flame Reiki part 2

Posted on March 1, 2018 at 9:01 PM Comments comments (4)
Today I felt ready to take the level 3 and level 4 atunement, at least that was my intend.

Everything felt right and I prepared like last time: saged the house, lit candles, I didn’t use music this time and as I sat down to get ready doing a short Ohm meditation and saying the Namo Quan Shi’h Yin Pu Sa a few times someone in the neighbourhood started to mow their lawn it was quite noisy so I decided to wait until they had finished as I felt it would disturb me during the atunement. 

After the noise had died down I sat down again and did some Ohm Meditation and the Quan Yin Mantra. I asked for the level 3 atunement to be passed to me and immediately felt energy coming down into my crown chakra. This time it felt different: it was more serious. Hmm the level 3 in Usui Reiki is the Master level so perhaps this is why. Anyhow I could feel alot of information being downloaded not only symbols like the last 2 atunements but what felt like numbers as well. Like I said it felt very serious. I also felt the presence of Quan Yin and the unicorn, my guardian was behind my right shoulder again. After about 10 minutes I felt it was finished. So I said thank you and just sat there in reflection for a few minutes. And I thought this is enough today is not the time for the level 4 atunement.

It has been about 1 week (6 days to be exact) since my level 3 atunement for Violet Flame Reiki. Since then I noticed my hands getting very hot when massaging or doing healings. My clients have commented on it as well. Hot hands just mean there is an increase of energy running through me. I have also done some more research into the Violet Flame and found out that it is very connected to the environment, nature and animals and that the Unicorns have agreed to assist St. Germaine with the Violet Flame in our time. So there is the connection to the Unicorn I have seen and felt during my level 1-3 atunements and every since I have done a healing. Wow.

So today I felt ready for my level 4 atunement. I saged my house, put on some music, lit some candles and did a short Ohm meditation and said the Namo Quan Shi’h Yin Pu Sa (the Quan Yin Mantra) a few times before sitting silent for a few minutes. When I asked for the level 4 atunement to be passed on to me I felt bright white light on my crown chakra and violet chasm light flashing into my third eye chakra. This went on for a few minutes and then I just felt like my whole body was engulfed in white light coming from in front of me. I also felt the presence of the Lady Quan Yin. It was like we were having a conversation with her telling me it’s ok for me to put together my own manual for the Violet Flame Reiki (the one passed onto me has only information about Quan Yin in it and no other history other than Ivy Moore’s experience it was also copyrighted. I also felt that St Germaine should be mentioned as he was the first one working with the Flame in Atlantis).

Anyhow Lady Quan Yin conveyed to me that the words are not so important when working with the Violet Flame and that the energy (of the Flame) and the intention of the person using it is the key factor here. Again the emphasis was put on "to be pure of heart and having the best intent" (in healing). This also confirmed what I found during my research that is it more important to use (invoke) the Flame with your own words (of the heart) than to try and get the prayers, affirmations or invocations right. 

This whole process of being immersed in white light took about 10 – 15 minutes. I sat there a long time just focusing on Quan Yin and what she tried to convey to me. I also felt the unicorn on my right shoulder again during this atunement. After some time St. Germaine appeared next to Quan Yin. They both were facing me she was on the left and he was on the right. And I felt their hands on my shoulders. When St. Germaine appeared I sensed the words that he should also be honoured and acknowledged when using the Violet Flame, this is for protection and intensity of the healing as they are both guardians of it in our time.

I was also told again that only the purest of heart are being led to the Violet Flame and that only those people will be send to me to learn and use the Violet Flame Reiki from me. Then it felt like I was given a blessing by Quan Yin and St. Germaine and felt the light and energy decrease signalling the atunement has ended. 
This Level 4 atunement was the longest of them all and felt the most important one too and even more serious than the level 3 one. Having St. Germain appear as well when it was Quan Yin and the unicorn only in the first 3 atunements. The level 4 atunement is the one where the atunement symbol is passed on this would explain it.

Anyway the whole experience with the Violet Flame was amazing and I am lookign forward to working with it and learning more about it in the process.
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